Types of Salon Services we offer in Raleigh, NC

Beard Trim

Beard trimming is an art, and we are damn good at it. We consider factors like your preference, style, face-cut, beard-shape and use specialized clippers to tame your shabby facial mane. After the trim, the beard will never go scratchy or frayed at the ends. We will pamper your face with a soft, fragrant towel, all-complementary.


Men’s Haircut

A good haircut always boosts confidence and makes you look sharp. Our inventive stylists will help you find the funky, neat and classy styles that go perfectly with your face-cut and personality. We know what works for hunks! We will also teach you all the great tenets to maintaining your locks while answering all your questions with patience.


Women’s Cut

For razor cutting, layerings, trimming, blunt cuts, thinning and everything in between, precision is at the core of all our latest haircutting techniques. Our experienced stylists will give your hair the latest look and style so that you will look fabulous. You can also choose from a variety of awesome hair care services at great prices.


Bang Trim

Our skilled stylists understand all the dynamics your bangs have with your face and overall look. We feel you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for your fringe-updates. We carefully trim your bangs while maintaining your haircut style, giving you a pristine look.


Deep Conditioning Treatment

Our effective deep conditioning treatment helps in hair repair, prevents split ends and reduces hair breakage. It also helps in fighting dryness, humidity and those persistent flyways by supplying enough moisture. It doesn’t matter if you have curly, oily, dry or straight hair; we have customized water and oil-based conditioning treatment for you.


Types of Coloring Services we offer in Raleigh, NC

Single Process Hair Color

Want to change the colour of your hair all over your head? We got you covered with our single process hair colour. Our expert stylists will give your hair a uniform, one-dimensional colour tone exactly the way you want — subtle or dramatic, which lasts for a good eight weeks while adding warmth to your skin tone.


Double Process Hair Color

We also have a double process colour treatment to make your darker hair look a lot lighter and awesome. We use different techniques in two stages under this treatment without any risk of over-processing or hair damage. We also give you key tips on haircare post the treatment.


Partial Ombre

Our expert stylists know whether coppers, reds, blondes or unnatural hues will best flatter your overall look based on your skin tone and complexion. We are adept at creatively combining the lighter ends with the darker roots of your hair in endless ways with partial ombre techniques.


Full Balayage

Under full balayage treatment technique, our stylists hand-paint the highlights in a sweeping, vertical fashion to give your hair a natural depth and dimension. Whether you have curly, wavy or straight or grey hair, our low-maintenance full balayage treatment will make your hair look stunning and most organic.


Eyebrow Tint

Our extremely popular and creative brow tint service helps you shape, define and enhance your brows to make them look thicker and youthful. This quick service is a secret to long-lasting and natural-looking brow tints that stick around for a long time. We always match your skin tone with the brow tint.


Types of Wedding & Makeup Services we offer in Raleigh, NC

Bridal Trial Style

There should be no compromise on the way you look on your special day. Our bridal trial helps you find the perfect look with the most flattering style, well in advance of your big day. Based on your face shape and the dress you choose and whether you want to let your hair down or curled up, we help you test-run the look until you look your stunning best. You can bring in the photos of the style you want as a reference, and our stylists will recreate the look for your assessment.


Bridal/wedding Style

If you are torn between choosing the best wedding style, we can help you in choosing the best style – be it a traditional, destination, rustic or on the beach wedding. Also, whether it’s about the wedding dress, venue, invitation style, decoration, speeches and sit-down dinners or flowers and decorations, we’ve got you covered. Call for an appointment to discuss our services in detail.


Fake Lashes

Applying fake eyelashes is not as easy or straightforward as it may appear. Whether you have almond-eyes, deep-set eyes, hooded, downturned or prominent eyes, our expert stylists can help you strip on the best and most natural-looking eyelashes to give you a divine look you want.


Full Face Makeup

The undeniable power of makeup always boosts your confidence. But a skillful application is an art that makes all the difference. Our stylists are extremely skilled at a variety of makeup applications to bring out the best and beautiful looks on your faces. Our makeup will last throughout the day while keeping your skin looking radiant and flawless.